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Having family photos taken is very sensitive for us. We avoided it for years after the loss of our daughter. When we took photos with Kate, she blew me away. She was incredibly compassionate and worked with us to pull off genuinely stunning photos. She is amazing with our little kids but also manages to help our teen not feel awkward which is hugely impressive. 

~ past family session client

~ M. Parsons

Don't compromise on talent when you have the chance of photos by Kate Miller. She communicates beautifully while taking incredible shots. Her presence is so calming. We are always so impressed by her work and how painless the process was for us.

In coordinating and executing a 200-person event over the course of a year, working with Kate was the easiest piece of our puzzle. She made intimate and important photo opportunities fun and carefree. Our pictures turned out better than we could have expected. The images that Kate captured reflect the beautiful people and moments that we love just as they are, without any added drama or retouching, reflecting the day just as I remember it. If given a second chance, there is no doubt in my mind that I would hire Kate Miller Photography again.

 and a little depressing--but I stand by it.

sure, You can find all kinds of photographers whose photos you like...

The fact is, you deserve great photos now.

But, are you genuinely excited to work with that person?
Does he/she put you at ease? Is he/she trying to sell more than you need?
Can you get in touch with them? Are they flexible and in tune with your event?

Not when you can get it together and make yourself and everyone else look perfect. Not when you lose weight. Not when (fill in the blank) happens for you. It is so important to take action now, because if there’s anything we've learned from 2020, it's that we do not know what life holds ahead of us.

Wow that got a little real

let's change that!

No more mindlessly googling “Seattle photographer” and getting decision fatigue from all the options. No more scrolling social media wishing you had beautiful photos of you and your family to share with your people. You're looking for someone you can call on (or let’s be real - text) every year to capture a big life changing moment, or maybe just another day in the life of right now. 

I want to welcome you with open arms, time and time again. I won’t hug you, because well, covid. I’ll make sure you know what to expect from our session or your wedding day. I’ll encourage you, cheer you on when you are nervous, and make sure you feel like the best version of yourself!

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Let me tell you. My name is used as a character name and a generic reference twice on Friends. I used to belong to a facebook group called “My Name is Kate Miller.” One night, after a few tequilas, I went on instagram and followed dozens of accounts just because their name was Kate Miller. Basically, it’s not that easy to find me on this very specific corner of the internet, and I’m so glad you did! (If you’re looking for the Kate Miller Photography based in Chicago, maybe you’d like to book a trip to Seattle?). 

Do you know how common the name Kate Miller is?

Hi, I’m Kate Jean Miller.

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People who have worked with me trust me. They love the experience I provide. And, most importantly, they love their photos.

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Working with Kate was as natural and effortless an experience as you could imagine, even on a day that seems as busy and rapid-fire as a wedding day. She and her team were professional and courteous not only to us, but to all of our guests, and really made everyone feel at ease. As a result of that comfort, there is a candid, true, and intimate nature to the photos that I have not seen in any other photographer's work.

~ Andrew & Lacey Tasselmyer

My fiancé and I worked with Kate for our engagement pictures and couldn’t be happier. We were both hesitant to do engagement pictures but Kate made it so easy. Communication and setting up a time and location were a breeze. She suggested we pick locations that were meaningful to us. We went with two of our favorite spots in our neighborhood (Ballard locks and the Farmers’s Market) with the hopes of capturing some of the gorgeous fall colors and all the water in the area. Kate heard us and delivered! 

~ Kerry Castorina

I'll take a photo that captures the 4 seconds your busy toddler wants to sit in your lap and hug you tightly. The hand squeeze your best friends gives you after she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. The look your partner gives you that is so special only to you. 

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I'm a pause button for the beauty in your everyday life.