I also planned a wedding in the mess that was the 2020-21 global pandemic, so I deeply understand the need for flexibility and options. 

I photograph couples and families who are looking to preserve a special moment in their lives. I want all couples, families, and people to feel love and acceptance when they work with me. 

hi, I'm Kate!

You know what I do, but what do you know about me? 

A few things are for sure, though. There is always Ian, coffee, bravo, Chance beneath my chair, online shopping, and a podcast that makes me laugh. 

My day-to-day life is different all the time and that’s exactly how I like it!
I teach an aerial yoga class every week. I'm a NatGeo Student Expeditions guide and I lead summer trips to Europe with high school students. Some days I have thousands of photos to go through while accompanied by the Real Housewives. Some days I jump out of bed and get right outside for a run and some days I don't change out of pajamas until 3:00pm.

my favorite things...

I love reality tv. I love the real housewives shows. Like to a deep level. To a level that is likely bad for my mental health.

I also subscribe to an absurd number of bravo-related podcasts just to listen to funny people chat about things I’ve already watched. 

I think about french fries every day. God I love fries. 

After living without a decent dairy-free cheese option for close to 10 years, I am trying to figure out the best way to make a cheese sauce and a decent pizza. I’m getting close. 

Good book to read on the beach • sunshine (not to be taken for granted in Seattle) • hot yoga in the winter • a good tequila in the summer and a fabulous red wine in the winter (sangiovese or pinot noir, please) • candles that complement the current season • family dinner (17 of us every thursday night baby!) • having friends over to hang out in the backyard • skincare, specifically sheets masks at night • workout sets in one great color

Of course I wanted to play with my Dad's fancy cameras in the way that kids always want to play with expensive things they know they can ruin. Photography became a huge creative outlet and eventually blossomed into a beautiful career.

I am a photographer out of personal necessity. It's what I have to do to be happy. I do it because we need beauty. And we need to see ourselves, our partners, our families as beautiful. Sometimes the mundanity of life takes over and we forget to see how beautiful things are. But we all need that reminder, we need to see ourselves as beautiful. The way other people see us...

our house was always filled with photos

with grace and love and compassion

They were on the walls, on the tables, on the shelves. Albums upon albums labeled by year or event in my dad’s library. 

Photography is one of the only things I’ve always loved for as long as I can remember.

How did I get into photography?

it’s their favorite photos of their families or themselves, and the experience was surprisingly enjoyable, and you know what?

I love to hear it!

people tell me that they love to work with me,

i’m looking for a

wedding photographer

right this way!

i’m looking for a


right this way!

i’m looking for a

portrait photographer

right this way!

are you ready? If so, let's do this!

That's me

what my clients are saying

Working with Kate was as natural and effortless an experience as you could imagine, even on a day that seems as busy and rapid-fire as a wedding day. She and her team were professional and courteous not only to us, but to all of our guests, and really made everyone feel at ease. As a result of that comfort, there is a candid, true, and intimate nature to the photos that I have not seen in any other photographer's work.

~ Andrew & Lacey Tasselmyer

My fiancé and I worked with Kate for our engagement pictures and couldn’t be happier. We were both hesitant to do engagement pictures but Kate made it so easy. Communication and setting up a time and location were a breeze. She suggested we pick locations that were meaningful to us. We went with two of our favorite spots in our neighborhood (Ballard locks and the Farmers’s Market) with the hopes of capturing some of the gorgeous fall colors and all the water in the area. Kate heard us and delivered! 

~ Kerry Castorina

I'll take a photo that captures the 4 seconds your busy toddler wants to sit in your lap and hug you tightly. The hand squeeze your best friends gives you after she sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. The look your partner gives you that is so special only to you. 

Download my 2023 Wedding mood boards or my tips for your family session to get inspired!

I'm a pause button for the beauty in your everyday life.