what if you could pause time? 

what if you could have photos that would capture the best parts of your life right now?

I love the ordinary moments, they're so beautiful. The way your baby sits and crawls and scoots along the floor. The look of determination in your 3 year old's eyes as she tries to do things for herself. The way your oldest and youngest child cuddle on the couch. These memories that are ordinary, but that won't last forever because time brings change.

the pasue button for the beauty in your life

My at-home, Now & Then sessions are meant to be a snapshot of your life. They're meant to show what a perfect, ordinary day with your family is like. They're instant-nostalgia creators, because you know these kids will grow up, become more independent, and your days will change. This session is a way to show your future self how good your life was at this moment. 

Anything that pauses, preserves, or stops time, even for a moment, is worth its weight in gold. 

time is the most meaningful thing we have to give. 

the good news

We can pause this moment for you. Personally, I am obsessed with finding photos of seemingly ordinary days or moments of my childhood. I love looking through old albums and seeing myself as a kid, younger versions of my parents (how did I ever think they were old?!), smaller versions of my siblings, and what a day in our life was like back in 1997. 

"It's like Kate knew the things I would want to remember"

Kate has blown us away yet again. These photos are such a beautiful reminder that these seemingly "small moments" are the things we will miss the most about this season in our life. And now we can forever have these photos to take us back to these last years of having small children. It's like Kate knew the things I would want to remember- their little hands and feet and the way all three of them cuddle up in our nursery rocking chair to read a book together. Kate has this magic way of making it feel like a slow, fun morning and not at all like a formal family photo session. There's an ease and authenticity that comes through in the nature of these photos that truly make them feel like art. We are forever grateful, it is definitely worth the investment!

~ Nicole

Kate takes the most beautiful photos- somehow capturing the best versions of our true selves. She is patient, thoughtful, helpful and works quickly and well under pressure- including with kids who may not want to participate! She captures the sweetest expressions, finds the most tender moments and makes the entire process painless and joyful. I can’t rave about her enough- her photos have become priceless heirlooms for our family and we’ll return to her year after year to record special moments. 

~ monica

"These photos have become priceless heirlooms"

part I: documenting home life

Think reading books, playing games, swinging outside, riding bikes, snuggling on the couch, basically living your normal life, but making it look really, really good. 

The now & then session in two parts

Your child or children eating their favorite food or just a messy food that they love. I want to show the joy and messiness of eating. The pure delight of enjoying something you love. 

Part Ii: favorite food

I'll let you in on a little secret.

And that's where my expertise and long history of experience comes out to shine. I know how to run a session. I know how to get the photos we both want. I know how to negotiate, compromise, and make people relax. It's the reason the Now & Then session is up to three hours long--it gives us the luxury of time and letting the moments unfold without the pressure of the clock ticking down. 

Your kids probably won't do exactly what you want them to do. 

The most important thing? trust me. 

Trust that I know what I’m doing, even if your kids are acting like, well, kids. I will create photos that are beautiful, that you'll want to share with your friends and family, and that you'll treasure for years to come. 

are you wondering...

Your Now & Then session is up to 3 hours long and includes a gallery of 50+ digital, edited, high resolution images. 

what's the investment?


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Moms, I want to help you romanticize the moments you have right now. Picture you and your child 10, 15, or even 20 years from now...what are the moments you miss? What are the photos you wish you had? I've created a list of 12 photos to take of your children now so that you can preserve the moment.

I'm a pause button for the beauty in your everyday life.

I’ve taken a dozen 16 year olds to the Alps AND brought all of them home. I’ve navigated the Madrid, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Rome subway systems with teenagers in tow. 

I’ve caught a bride when she fainted on her wedding day. I worked my way through Tokyo, alone, without a phone and no Japanese skills to speak of. I’m a problem solving maverick.

If you like what you see, then we should definitely work together. 

overall, I specialize in chaos management.