You’re looking for a reliable photographer who will make you look like the best version of yourself

and feel totally at ease, even though you wouldn’t call yourself a professional, or even amateur, model.

You want photos that commemorate this moment in time, whether it’s a big one, like having a baby, or a small one, like documenting what your kids look like right now. You’re looking for someone to build a relationship with, someone you can return to year after year, life event after life event. 

I love to pop in and see how your life has changed. 

With me, you get to leave with something special. You'll end up with something to treasure. Look is it going to feel perfect? Probably not. But I know how to make it look pretty perfect. Are your kids are in a bad mood? Not once they spend time with me! Fighting? We’ll make it look like love. I keep it moving. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that there are very few kids in this world who love sitting still for photos. So, I mix it up for the ones who want to move. We stand and hug, but then we also run and spin and jump. We never do one thing for too long, so there's no chance of us getting bored together. And, unlike the dentist, I’ll never make you feel guilty for flossing once a year. 

Your sense of obligation brings you there, even though you dread the thought of it. 

The thing is, most people treat family photos like the dentist. 

Another great thing? You have access to me!

Want to text me outfit ideas? I love it! Need me to choose between your 3 favorite tops because you feel stuck? I’ll do it! I know what looks good on camera and I have a good sense of what will look good on you. 

I make something that feels like a chore a special experience. I can’t guarantee it will be pain free. But I can guarantee you’ll be so happy you did it and you’ll love the result.

I'll make it feel like a breeze. 

Of course, the shoot is my favorite part of the process of working together. But specifically like 20 minutes into the shoot when we’ve gotten a little awkwardness out of the way and you start to feel comfortable with each other and with me and know you look awesome. When we can all relax a little and my creative flow has kicked in. 

I'm so ready to work with you. 

Sometimes this happens right when I say we’re finished and we start walking somewhere else, but then I see one little pocket of light or something I can envision as a gorgeous backdrop or an expression that I love. And I’ll say, that was a lie! We’re not done, go stand over there! And we get the best photos of the whole shoot. It’s so gratifying to me because it feels like I’m on the right path when I get those moments. Like a little sign or nudge from the universe saying, yep, you’re doing it and we are here for you!

There’s also a moment on every shoot where I think, YES! I got it.

I'll let you in on a little secret.

Like, you’ll be happy if there are 3 photos that are worth saving. But, I am very fast for a reason. And remember, photographs have no sound! I can catch that brief moment where a smile accidentally emerged in the midst of a meltdown. I can and will negotiate to get that 2 year old to look at the camera and smile. I had a session with my own nieces a nephews a few years ago where the 2 year old cried basically the entire time. And did the final gallery look like a disater? Absolutely not! It looked like photographs of 4 very amenable, happy children. 

Nearly everyone with a child around 2 feels like that must have been the worst family session in the history of family photography.

It’s important to let go of expectations and trust me. 

Trust that I know what I’m doing and even if the whole session feels like a disaster. I will still deliver photos to you that are special and that you love.

are you wondering...

My family portrait package includes a 1 hour photoshoot and your choice of 20 digital, edited, high resolution images.
I offer the option to purchase your full proof gallery, as well as album design and printing, prints, and all manner of cool photo products. 

what's the investment?


the investment starts at:

I'm ready to book!

what my clients are saying

Working with Kate was as natural and effortless an experience as you could imagine, even on a day that seems as busy and rapid-fire as a wedding day. She and her team were professional and courteous not only to us, but to all of our guests, and really made everyone feel at ease. As a result of that comfort, there is a candid, true, and intimate nature to the photos that I have not seen in any other photographer's work.

~ Andrew & Lacey Tasselmyer

My fiancé and I worked with Kate for our engagement pictures and couldn’t be happier. We were both hesitant to do engagement pictures but Kate made it so easy. Communication and setting up a time and location were a breeze. She suggested we pick locations that were meaningful to us. We went with two of our favorite spots in our neighborhood (Ballard locks and the Farmers’s Market) with the hopes of capturing some of the gorgeous fall colors and all the water in the area. Kate heard us and delivered! 

~ Kerry Castorina

I’ve taken a dozen 16 year olds to the Alps AND brought all of them home. I’ve navigated the Madrid, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Rome subway systems with teenagers in tow. 

I’ve caught a bride when she fainted on her wedding day. I worked my way through Tokyo, alone, without a phone and no Japanese skills to speak of. I’m a problem solving maverick.

If this sounds like the kind of experience that will fit your family's vibe, then let's get this party started!

overall, I specialize in chaos management.