You’re looking for someone to see the magic in your child's eyes and to capture the unique way you love each other

I'll create photos that show your connection,
your joy, and your personality

like a pause button for the beauty in your life

What if you could create a memory now that you would treasure in 10 years, that would be even more valuable to you in 15 years, and would feel absolutely priceless in 20 years?

what if you could pause that time? 

you know how quickly time passes and life changes

We can do that
right now. 

We can preserve this incredibly beautiful time in your life. I can show how your family connects and loves each other, I can show your unique personalities and the little quirks that are special to the people who are the most special to you. 

I'm incredibly lucky to do what i love. 

I've photographed well over 100 children and I love the energy and personality each one brings to the session. Whether the child is just a few weeks old or is close to being an adult, I find so much enjoyment in each age and stage.

I'm so ready to work with you. 

I've learned so much about coaxing a smile out of a stubborn 2 year old. I've developed a lot of strategies for combating boredom. We know that posing perfectly and everyone giving their best fake smile isn't the goal. I want to show your genuine, true joy. I'm always chasing after the moment that feels real, full of love, and creates a wistful nostalgia. 

Believe me, i have strategies. 

I'll let you in on a little secret.

And that's where my expertise and long history of experience comes out to shine. I know how to run a session. I know how to get the photos we both want. I know how to negotiate, compromise, and make people relax. 

Your kids probably won't do exactly what you want them to do. 

The most important thing? trust me. 

Trust that I know what I’m doing, even if your kids are acting like, well, kids. I will create photos that are beautiful, that you'll want to share with your friends and family, and that you'll treasure for years to come. 

are you wondering...

My family portrait session includes a 1 hour photoshoot and your choice of 20 digital, edited, high resolution images.

what's the investment?


the investment starts at:

I'm ready to book!

what my clients are saying

I cannot recommend Kate enough! Her work is beautiful. Her kindness is unmatched. She’s such a breeze to work with. She shot a family session for us, and our photos were gorgeous. We’re a family that doesn’t always photograph well…and she fixed that. Have Kate do your photos!

~ Brandi c

My fiancé and I worked with Kate for our engagement pictures and couldn’t be happier. We were both hesitant to do engagement pictures but Kate made it so easy. Communication and setting up a time and location were a breeze. She suggested we pick locations that were meaningful to us. We went with two of our favorite spots in our neighborhood (Ballard locks and the Farmers’s Market) with the hopes of capturing some of the gorgeous fall colors and all the water in the area. Kate heard us and delivered! 

~ Kerry Castorina

I’ve taken a dozen 16 year olds to the Alps AND brought all of them home. I’ve navigated the Madrid, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Rome subway systems with teenagers in tow. 

I’ve caught a bride when she fainted on her wedding day. I worked my way through Tokyo, alone, without a phone and no Japanese skills to speak of. I’m a problem solving maverick.

if you like what you see, we should definitely work together. 

overall, I specialize in chaos management.