May 14, 2024

Dinner with Strangers: Seattle Event Photography

I worked with Jess Janz on her Dinner with Strangers and it was one of the most unique and inspiring evenings I’ve been a part of in a long time. The concept is simple: get 25 people who don’t know each other together for a dinner with truly spectacular food and drinks then ask a series of questions and go around one by one and listen to the answers.

I absolutely loved this concept because no one knew each other and we were all in the same boat. The questions ranged from light and funny to a little more serious and vulnerable. I was surprised at the immense freedom I felt talking about deeply personal things to a group of total strangers. I think that’s the magic of the evening, though. You can be as honest as you want–these people don’t know you. And then, inevitably, so many people say yes, I’ve experienced this too, I want this too, I am nervous about this too. I didn’t expect to go to dinner with strangers and make friends, but I did.

If you aren’t familiar with Jess and her extraordinary poetry, then please run don’t walk to read a few of her poems.

When Dinner with Strangers comes back to Seattle, consider this your push to go!

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