March 12, 2024

Flight Room Seattle: Branding Photography

Flight Room Seattle is an aerial yoga studio with locations in Greenlake, Ballard, Queen Anne, and the Central District. I’ve worked with Flight Room many times over the years and was so happy to hear they were ready for another round of photos when they opened a brand new Queen Anne studio!

Flight Room offers many different types of classes from slow and relaxing yoga to challenging barre and fitness, to advanced aerial arts. It was important to show aspects of all these different classes because they cater to such a wide variety of levels. People who have never touched an aerial hammock are just as welcome as those who have been attending classes for years.

Creative Direction

I always have my clients pick out a handful of words to describe what they want their photos to look and feel like. I use these words for my own creative direction and so that we can stay aligned on the overall vision. For Flight Room, they wanted the photos to exude a feminine lightness and airiness, with a feeling of relaxation as well as playfulness.

Once the guiding words have been chosen, I create a moodboard for creative direction and to make sure everyone’s vision and expectations are aligned!

For studios like Flight Room, they have a dedicated and loyal clientele built in, so we recruited many regulars to participate in the shoot! They were asked to wear all black and then bring a change of clothes in a palette of light pinks, emerald green, camel/tan, and burnt orange.

For projects like this, I always have the studio stage a class instead of photographing and existing class. Normally, we have no problem getting people who are excited to attend! With this method we also know that everyone consents to be photographed and we are not interfering in a class someone has paid for or making people self conscious and nervous. This allows us to have more control over wardrobe and styling, and hair and makeup and the moodboard can be passed around in advance.

What are the benefits of branding photography?

Great branding photography will help you stand out in a saturated market, connect with your ideal client, and make a lasting impression.

Professional photography also helps you look, well, professional! This creates trust between you and your audience. Plus, you’ll look like the best version of yourself. At the end of working with me, you’ll end up with personalized, beautiful, high quality visuals for your website, marketing emails and social content. You’ll attract clients that understand your brand and are excited to hire you, visit you, or work with you. When you put time and money into building a strong brand, the return on your investment is incredibly high!

If you’re a small business who is ready to learn more about my process, visit this link to read more. If you’re ready talk with me, visit this link to get in touch! I can’t wait to plan your project with you.

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