March 4, 2022

Should you do an Engagement Session?

If you’re on the fence about an engagement session, I completely understand why! Maybe photos aren’t that important to you, right now. Maybe you see it as a cost that can easily be cut. Maybe you’re more of a selfie queen than one half of a model couple. Whatever your reasons, aversions or excuses, they’re totally valid!

Spoiler alert before you get too deep into this post…I think you should do an engagement session. (I know, know, shocking that the photographer is advocating for more work for herself!). And here are two big reasons why…

1. There are so many ways to use the photos!

You can use these photos in so many different ways during the course of your engagement. There are the traditional reasons like using them on save the dates and invitations and your wedding website.

But there’s other, less traditional reasons too! Are you always stumped on what to get your parents or grandparents for the holidays? Boom, print two of your engagement photos and get yourself some beautiful frames for $8.99 at homegoods and you have a killer gift that any parent would love! Bonus, this gift also works perfectly with wedding photos. You now have YEARS worth of gifts taken care of for holidays, birthdays, and mother’s/father’s day! You’re welcome.

Another highly specific, less traditional reason to have engagement photos? Let’s say you want to do a DIY photobooth at your shower, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, or reception. Don’t you want to have some high quality photos to create custom big heads of you and your fiance (and maybe your pets)? I’ll answer for you–yes. Yes, you do. (Yes, I have done this for myself and for friends. It is a HIT.)

2. It gives us time to get to know each other

From my perspective as a wedding photographer, the most important reason to do an engagement session is that it gives us time to work together prior to your wedding day. This is especially important if you are nervous about the photo part of your wedding. I will learn how to make you and your fiance feel as comfortable and at-ease as possible. I’ll know which specific cues and directions will help the two of you settle in and get the most natural, beautiful photos in the shortest amount of time. It’s also nice to show up on your wedding day and for you to see a familiar face, especially since we’ll be spending so much time together. I love using an engagement session as a tool to connect with both of you. It’s a really low pressure setting for us to build a great foundation for your wedding day.

These reasons and more are why I include engagement sessions in all my packages. To find out more about my wedding photography services visit this website page and download my client guide!

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