December 7, 2023

The Women-Owned Business, Experience-Based Gift Guide for 2023 Holidays

I have 5 suggestions for you if you’re looking to gift some experiences or consummables that won’t just take up space and clutter your home. It’s a great way to make some memories with someone you love and go beyond ordering something on amazon. I love and am a loyal customer of all of these Seattle based, women-owned businesses. So here are my ideas for you…

1. Iola Wine

Iola imports French and Italian wine from small-batch women winemakers. Their standards are extremely high, so every bottle they offer will blow you away with its flavor. Every wine is organic and free from many added ingredients that often make you feel icky or headache-y the next morning. Buy a bottle (why not two?), or join one of their wine clubs to extend the enjoyment throughout the year, or get a group of friends together and host a private tasting in your own home.

2. Lulumiere Candles

I’m pretty sure I have a lulumiere candle in every room of my home. Take your friend to a candle workshop where you can make your own custom candles together. Lulumiere also does candle refills, so I love the idea of finding something like a mug from your best friend’s favorite coffee shop and taking it in to be filled as a candle with a scent she would love. 

3. Flight Room

If you’re looking for a brand new, unique experience with your significant other, sister, or friend, a private session at flight room aerial yoga is so much fun! It can be as challenging or as relaxing as you want. Of course, you could always jump right into a class, but a private session is a fun way to not take yourself seriously and be able to laugh or ask questions freely with a group of people you feel comfortable with. It may look a little intimidating, but it is so accessible to any body, level of fitness, or flexibility.

4. The Ladies Room

In these cold and dark months, I LOVE a sauna, hot tub, and steam room–basically heat in any form. The ladies room in Greenwood is a beautiful day spa and a 2 hour pass is the perfect gift for someone who could use some quiet and warmth. Send your significant other or friend on a solo relaxation date or buy yourself a pass and go together!

5. A photo session with me!

You didn’t think I was going to forget to plug my own business, now did you?? Give a family session, an extended family session, a couples session or even a boudoir session to your loved one. This is one experience-gift that will live on well past the holidays. You’ll be able to love and enjoy these photos for years and look back on them decades later. 

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