December 1, 2022

What is a Small Business Session?

You know how important good photography is to your small business. It’s used to draw people in, to tell them the story of why they want what you offer and how it will enhance their life. It will help you to better share and sell your talents with your audience. Isn’t that the reason you started this business in the first place?!

So yes, you want the great photos, but it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly what you need or what kind of session is right for your business. I’ll talk you through what the Small Business Session is and who it’s for and how it can help you elevate your offerings and your web presence.

This session is for any business that has employees, specializes in a craft or service, and/or wants to showcase a location. Of course, any time is a great time for new photos, but usually businesses come to me at two specific crossroads– they are rebranding their website/business or they are launching a new product, service, or location.

Heather of Beauty Grows Hope came to me when she was ready to turn her passion for gardening and design from side hustle into a full grown business. She already had clients and was working with a designer to create her custom website to grow her brand. We created photos of Heather working on a garden, planting, and showing the tools of her craft. I could sense how happy and at peace Heather was doing this work and I wanted to create photos that show her love and utter happiness in the garden. I think her love for her work is infectious.

1Rider Studio came to me first for a Lifestyle session to announce their brand and plans for a new boutique spin studio and then again a few months later when they were ready for their studio and instructors to be photographed!* This was a comprehensive project that showcased the feel of a class, the studio location, the attitudes and personalities of the instructors. It really helped new students feel like they were familiar with the studio and the instructors by the time they set foot in a class. 1Rider received images that felt genuine to the foundation of their brand that they could use all over their socials and marketing materials.

*this studio has since sold to a different owner and the images on their website are no longer mine

For my project with SOL Yoga, they were looking for unique images to use on their website and social media that would help them stand apart from the other local yoga studios. Sara wanted to highlight their rebrand by having their instructors wear the brand colors and, of course, do yoga!

Heather of Sangha Yoga wanted people to get the exact feeling of what it’s like to take a class at her studio. She wanted people to be drawn into the warmth of the classes and the community. As a yoga lover myself, I wanted to create images that would make the viewer feel relaxed. I wanted someone to see one of these photos and realize how much they’re tensing their shoulders, maybe even inspire them to reach their own hands over their head and create a little stretch.

These small business sessions start at $750 and include a 1 hour photoshoot at 1 location with 50-60 digital, edited, high resolution images. If you’d like additional outfits, locations, or images, you can always add more time onto your session. I’d love to create a custom session quote just for you.

If you’re ready to get in touch with me, ask questions, or book your session, please email me here.

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