March 1, 2023

3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Mood Board

A mood board is so important to your wedding planning! It will help your wedding come together as uniquely your own. When the options seem endless, it’s so helpful to keep everyone on the same aesthetic page. Luckily, mood boards are easier than ever to create and share with websites like pinterest and canva. If you’re looking for mood boards that will give you specific themes, inspiration, and vendor recommendations, just follow the link at the bottom of this post to download my 2023 Wedding Mood Boards. Here’s why you’ll love them…

1. Mood boards will help you get inspired!

When you’re at the beginning of your wedding planning, the options are truly endless. For some couples, that’s an exciting blank slate while for others it’s an overwhelming nightmare. Building a mood board is the perfect way to get inspired and discover what you are naturally drawn to. It’s so fun to be surprised by your own ideas, too! Perhaps you always pictured yourself getting married in a garden, but now find that you’re more naturally drawn to venues on the water. Maybe you envisioned a sleek and form fitting dress, but suddenly love a full skirt with layers and layers of fabric and applique. Creating a vision board is the perfect way to ensure you’re not boxing yourself in and you truly love the choices you’re making.

2. They help you stay organized and communicate your vision

Being able to share a mood board with specifics about your color palette, your dress shape and style, your floral inspiration, the setting for your event, and your stylistic details is key to getting all your vendors on the same page. Refining your vision is the next step, after some big decisions have been made. It’s the perfect way to organize both the big picture and the small details of your wedding day and it’s like creating a little guide for your vendors. When you can create and share your specific vision, it will eliminate so much back and forth between you, your planner/designer, and all other vendors. They should be able to look at your images and know your creative direction, themes, and specific desires. Your wedding team will be so grateful for the communication and clarity!

3. It helps you personalize the details that matter to you

The truth is, you don’t need to care equally about every decision and detail! A cohesive mood board will communicate your desires for the details that don’t hold equal importance to you. For example, maybe you care a great deal about the colors and types of your florals, but the shape of the centerpieces is not as important, so having specific examples of tables to show what you like is really helpful to your vendors. A mood board is basically a guide for when you don’t want to answer 23 questions about small details.

Get 9 of my 2023 wedding moodboards delivered right to your inbox! They have specific vendor recommendations and links to pinterest boards that will help you find inspiration and generate so many ideas! Find out more about my wedding photography work here. I would love to talk with you!

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