March 2, 2023

Seattle Small Business Session: Stampede Cocktail Club

Stampede in Fremont is an endlessly cool bar and lounge. Paul came to me when he was ready for some updated shots of their space and their most popular menu items. They’re regularly changing up their menu and it often gets a brand new theme and design. Because of the ongoing creativity and reinvention, it feels like no two visits to Stampede are the same!

They have an extensive and unique cocktail list. Their bartenders are so talented that I think anything they come up with would be delicious. The only food they serve is dumplings and those are delicious too!

If you’d like me to create a similar project for your business, I’d love to chat about your options and what will be the best fit for you! Get in touch with me. You can read more about my small business sessions here.

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