March 4, 2023

Small Business Session: Melissa Lee, DDS

Working with a dental practice was a first for me! Melissa came to me when she was in the midst of a website overhaul and redesign. She was ready for photos of her office space as well as all the health and safety measures that go into running a top level dental practice.

I often joke that people feel similarly about me and dentists. They know they should see both of us and feel guilty the more time passes, but they just really don’t want to. People feel a little (or a lot) nervous to see us and they’re worried they’re going to be criticized. I can safely say, this office is full of people who genuinely want you to have a great experience and relax as much as possible.

Everyone who works in this Northgate practice is so kind and friendly, it was such a joy to work with all these women. After years of terrible experiences, I finally had a great time with a dentist :).

To find out which small business session is right for you, read this post. To learn more about my small business sessions, visit here. And please reach out to me to chat, I would love to talk about your project and create something perfect for you!

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