April 24, 2023

Cherry Blossom Sessions on April 29!

[Edited: Booking has closed for these sessions for 2023]

If you’ve ever been to the UW quad during the cherry blossom bloom, you know how beautiful it is and how impossible it is to get a single photo without dozens of people crowding your background! I went to scope it out last week and wow…there were hundreds of people there. It was overstimulating and it was a hike to get there even from the closest and most convenient parking garage.

Luckily, I have a beautiful solution and I’m offering one day of cherry blossom sessions at a completely private garden in North Seattle—You’ll have the whole space to yourself and a giant cherry blossom tree with no one crowding your photos! Sessions are on Saturday, April 29 and you can sign up for your time here.

I’m creating an experience for you that will be, well the exact opposite. It’s in a private garden, aka no one else to get in your way and no overstimulation for your kids! There’s no guess work about parking and no hiking to our site. And you will love having beautiful photos underneath the fleeting cherry blossom blooms.

Sessions are 30 minutes long and include 10 high resolution images. The session fee is $300 and you can book your session now! Whether you’re looking for a great (early) mother’s day gift or simply want some updated photos, this session will be the perfect way to preserve this moment in time.

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