June 26, 2024

Glamorous Trash: Seattle Event Photography

Chelsea Devantez, author, tv writer, and podcast host extraordinaire, came to Seattle on her book tour to talk about her book, “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This”. Who knew a book tour could be so fabulous and fun!

This event was held at Tansy, a beautiful and eclectic store in lower Queen Anne. I want to go back and spend hours looking through their gifts and plants. They have made every square inch of the store interesting to look at.

The “program” was a combo of Q+A and just chatting between Chelsea and Angela Tucker, another author. We were all thoroughly entertained just listening to these two women talking and spilling tea.

In addition to all of this, Gwenyth Landes was there giving anyone and everyone bang trims. Link & Lou was there for permanent jewelry and post meridiem’s ridiculously good canned cocktails kept everyone with a drink in hand! (Their canned espresso martinis are better than most I’ve had from a bartender.)

The meet & greet book signing was another highlight of the night. You should have seen the outfits, people really showed out.

I can’t thanks Chelsea & Jordan enough for including me on this night and saying yes to posing in the bathroom and taking all of my ridiculous direction.

If you’d like me to photograph your event, then let’s talk!

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