June 7, 2024

My Bariatric Dietian: Seattle Branding Photography

This was the second time I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan Moore of My Bariatric Dietitian. She was ready for a new round of photos that showed her evolving brand. She wanted to look feminine and friendly and she wanted photos that were bright, light, and sophisticated.

Creative Direction from Megan

A huge part of the shoot planning process is talking about our creative direction for the project. I always ask my branding clients to pick out some words that will guide our creative direction. I want to know how they describe their brand, what values they want to reflect, and how they want the photos to look and feel. This process helps us stay aligned in the planning, especially when choosing a location and wardrobe styling!

My Bariatric Dietitian is an inspiring, feminine, happy, hopeful, and inclusive brand. We wanted to create sets of photos that reflect Megan’s huge scope of work and expertise–from recipe development, to nutritional guidance, to podcasting, and to client work. And, of course, we wanted her to walk away with some stunning new headshots.

The Moodboard

Location, Hair & Makeup

Megan’s hair and makeup was done by the incomparable Holly Tipp. Holly has such a gift for making her clients look like themselves, only better. I highly recommend hiring a professional for your hair and makeup, they know exactly how to make your beautiful face look even better on camera. The location was a VRBO in Fremont and it was absolutely perfect.

How will branding photography help your business?

Great branding photography will help you stand out in a saturated market, connect with your ideal clients, and make a lasting impression. Professional photography also helps you look, well, professional! This creates trust between you and your audience. Plus, you’ll look like the best version of yourself.

At the end of working with me, you’ll end up with personalized, beautiful, high quality visuals for your website, marketing emails and social content. You’ll attract clients that understand your brand and are excited to hire you, visit you, or work with you. It’s certainly an investment, but when you put time and money into building a strong brand, the return on your investment is incredibly high!

If you’re interested in branding photography and ready to learn more about my process and what we can create for your business, then let’s talk about all the amazing possibilities.

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