July 28, 2023

How to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Your Family Session

Hooray! You booked your session. Now, what in god’s name do you wear?

Follow These 3 Simple Rules

I’ll show you a few examples of what photographs beautifully but overall, there are 3 simple rules to keep in mind.

  1. Wear something you like! YOU have to like how you look in your outfit, you’ll be far more comfortable and at ease if you follow this one simple tip.
  2. Consider the colors of your location. If we’re going to shoot in a woodsy location, I’d stay away from greens and browns and instead lean towards navy blue, oatmeal, burnt orange, and burgundy.
  3. Aim for coordinating, not matching. Yes we all remember a time when everyone would wear jeans and a white shirt, but I think we can do better in 2023! Pick colors and patterns that complement each other. Imagine how lovely olive green looks with navy blue and ivory. Choose colors that you’re drawn to and colors that look great with your skin tone.

The Miller family has sure come a long way, haven’t we? Photos from 1996 on the left (yes, I am the child perched on the ladder) and 2017 on the right.

Color Palettes

Here are 6 gorgeous color palettes to get you inspired. Of course, this is a small sample and there are dozens and dozens of combinations that will look beautiful.

Where to shop

Now that you have an idea of what looks good and what colors you’re most attracted to, you’re might be wondering where to actually find these clothes. Here’s where the most reliably cute clothes come from (of course, just my opinion!). Every category includes stores to find trend pieces and stores to find classic pieces.

Moms: Loft, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Abercrombie, Farm Rio

Dads: Bonobos, Lululemon, Abercrombie, J.Crew

Babies & Kids: Zara, H&M, Target (Cat & Jack)

Teenagers: Old Navy, Zara, Lulus

Put it all together

Lay all the clothing out together, that way you’ll be able to see if your choices are too monochrome or need some pattern and texture to mix it up or if one color sticks out too much. Don’t be afraid of a little editing!

You can always email or text me photos, I absolutely love to give feedback on your wardrobe choices. I am really good at making these decisions :). Plus, I can tell you if a certain material or color won’t photograph well.

If you’d like to talk to me about scheduling your family session, fill out my contact form and let’s talk!

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