October 7, 2021

Tips for Your Headshot Session

I have a few tips and tricks to share with you as you prepare for your portrait session! Since your face will be the focus, we want it to look the best it possibly can before you step in front of the camera. Of course, a little editing and light retouching is everyone’s friend, and your photos will get that treatment. 

Don’t feel pressured to follow every single tip, just do what works for you! First, I’ll share some tips for how to prep your face and skin and then I’ll share some suggestions for your wardrobe selection. 

Prepping Your Face & Skin

  1. Hydrate! 

This is one of the most important tips for making your skin smooth, your eyes less puffy and your complexion dewy. Drink water the day before and the morning of and drink a lot of it. Try adding citrus or fresh mint to help those many glasses go down a little easier. Drinking herbal tea is also a great way to hydrate and to mix it up, but make sure your tea is caffeine free. 

  1. Skin Care

Hydrating from the inside out is extremely important, but make sure you also hydrate from the outside in by using a super moisturizing face cream. I personally love this Kiehls moisturizer. I also love to do a gentle, hydrating sheet mask the night before and eye patches the morning of (you can find all kinds of varieties at most drug stores). If you have any sort of facial massager, like a gua sha or ice roller, bring that out too! It’s time for all the big guns :). 

  1. Easy on the booze and caffeine

Consider tapering off or avoiding alcohol for the 24 hours before your portrait session. It will help to combat morning puffiness and red undertones. Take it easy on the caffeine as well. 

  1. Eye Drops 

Use them as you’re getting ready. It seems subtle, but it makes a difference!

  1. Makeup

If you are someone who wears makeup, I recommend wearing a little more than you normally would. It looks great on camera, and really tends to even skin tone and smooth it out. 

You don’t need a full face of glam, but you need some in strategic places! My recommendations: a concealer under the eyes, a foundation all over the face, a light brow pencil, and chapstick with a lip color that is slightly off from your natural color. 

  1. Rest! 

Getting enough sleep is super important–I think the first place fatigue shows is in your face! Of course, this is all assuming your child(ren), pets, and anxiety all fall in line and actually allow you to be well rested. Make the effort to do what you can –I’ll take care of the rest. 

Choosing Your Wardrobe

Since portraits are mostly shot from the waist up, we’re going to focus on the top half of your look! My #1 tip for wardrobe: you have to like what you’re wearing. And you have to like how you look in it. The best photos in the world will still disappoint if you don’t like your outfit choice. 


Try to avoid plain white in favor of cream or blush. Or, layer a white top beneath a blazer or jacket.  I don’t want you to look like a floating head on a white background! Pick a color that looks great with your skin tone and hair. I love how deep blues, navy, burgundy, maroon, and burnt orange photograph. 


If you want to wear something with a bold pattern, consider layering it under a sweater, cardigan, jacket, or blazer. Same thing goes for stripes. Tops with a solid background and a small pattern work just fine on their own. 


Unless you own or work for a jewelry company–keep it simple. I recommend avoiding big statement pieces, because I want you to be the focus, not your jewelry. For earrings I recommend simple studs, small/medium hoops, or delicate dangle earrings. Try to keep necklaces to a chain or layer a few delicate pieces together. 

I hope these tips help you as you prepare for your portrait session! Can’t wait to work with you. 

For more inspiration, check out my portrait portfolio!

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