September 13, 2021

Vendor Spotlight: Holly Tipp Makeup

Boy oh boy do I have a referral for you. Her name is Holly Tipp and she is here to make your face look the best it can. Holly is a professional hair and makeup artist. She is talented, kind, knowledgeable, and easygoing. She provides such a sense of calm, especially before events (like weddings!) where you might be feeling a little jittery or nervous. 

I trust her so much, she even did my hair and makeup for my own wedding. Personally, I think the secret to Holly’s magic touch is her ability to make you look like the best version of yourself. She will accentuate your best features. She will never contour you into oblivion so that your face looks like “instagram face” (side note: that article is a fascinating read! I highly recommend taking the time to dive in). She will make sure you end up looking like you. Holly is so thoughtful and really takes time to think about what will make you love your look. She wants to know about your outfits and your vision and overall style. 

I recommend Holly to basically everyone who’s doing a photoshoot or even just has a big party or event to go to! I especially love when people use her before our photoshoot together. She’s the perfect accompaniment for engagement photos, senior sessions, family sessions, and of course, weddings. 
Learn more about Holly here.

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