August 22, 2023

10 Poses for Your Family Photos

Now that your photos are booked, you might be nervous about getting in front of the camera. It’s totally normal to feel anxious about how to pose or what you’ll look like. Being in front of the camera does not come naturally to most people. But…that’s exactly why you hired me! I have so many pose ideas for your family and lots of prompts for how to direct you to look both natural and beautiful.

You might still want some inspiration before your session, so I’ve compiled 10 poses that I incorporate into lots of my family sessions! Trust me, you don’t need to remember these or prepare them, I will take full control of posing you and your family during our time together.

Take a look at these 10 signature poses for your family session and see what you are most drawn to…

1. The Traditional Pose

This is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone standing nicely and looking at the camera. A simple, traditional, good-to-have pose to get everyone warmed up. It’s not exciting or very artistic, but it’s a pose that you’ll want to have.

2. The Big Hug

The sweetest moments come out when you take a few moments to hug each other and really get in close. This is definitely one of my signature poses that shows your love for each other and your connection to each other.

3. The Toss

I just love the toss for kids under 5! I love the freedom of the kid flying through the air and the excitement in their expressions.

4. The Individual Portrait

It is so important to have individual portraits of your child at different stages of their life! I will be sure to get portraits of each one alone so that you can really see their faces and personality shine.

5. The Cuddle

Similar to the big hug, the cuddle just creates swoon-worthy moments between you and your family. There’s so much tenderness in these shots and I love creating and witnessing them.

6. The Horizon Shot

We chose a beautiful location and waited for perfect weather or leaves or lighting, so let’s show it off with a big wide shot! I love getting a big, environmental shot to show off how small you are in comparison to the lake or the fields, or wherever we might be shooting.

7. The Run Away

This post is the perfect reset when your kids need some variety and need to get some energy out. It always give me that quintessential feeling of childhood- carefree and wild.

8. The Chase

This is another reset pose that I love to use with young siblings. It creates beautiful, candid moments. Expressions full of joy and laughter and hair blowing in the wind. It’s carefree, it’s silly, it’s the kind of moment you want to save and savor.

9. The Spin Around

I love to use this pose with Moms and their young kids. It’s another trick to get movement in the photos and to show a moment of connection between you and your child.

10. The Close Up Details

These are exactly what it sounds like! Cute little details of holding hands, small baby feet, kissing a cheek, moments that are small and beautiful and deserve to be saved in a photo.

I hope these poses have inspired you and given you ideas for what kind of photos you love! If you’re looking for more tips for your family session, read How to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Your Family Photos. And if you’d like to book your own family session, email me!

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