February 24, 2023

Small Business Session: Knead Your Body

Jessica of Knead Your Body Massage is a phenomenal massage therapist. I saw her personally for many months before we decided to create some new photos for her website. She came to me when she was ready to stop using stock photos for her website and marketing and wanted me to create photos that showed her unique techniques.

The main goal of our project was to really personalize the session to show the way Jess works and all of the ways she can help your body feel and move better. I feel more relaxed just by looking at these photos!

She also wanted to highlight her expertise as someone who has been a licensed massage therapist for over 16 years. She’s helped so many clients move better in their day to day life, relax more deeply, and heal from injuries. In addition to traditional massage, she uses cupping, hot stones/tools, and gua sha.

She’s warm and friendly, and yes, sometimes massage is painful!! But Jess is a master of her craft and she is amazing at tailoring and personalizing your session to address exactly what is going on/wrong in your body.

To learn more about my small business sessions, visit this post. If you’re wondering which type of small business photography is right for you, check this post out.

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